Venue & Camping

About Hulver Farm

Hulver Farm has a unique presence about it and many of you will be familiar with the venue from events such as Drum Camp, founded by Music Worldwide Summer Camp Director Gary Newland. Over the years he has developed a special bond and friendship with land owner Farmer Paul and his son Tobias, who manage the farm.

The farm itself is small and traditionally run and has been passed down though Farmer Paul's family for centuries. It is also of historic interest, being one of only a few preserved examples of the Saxon long co-axial field pattern. In addition, there is evidence of a medieval settlement on the land.

Farmer Paul has often featured on BBC TV and Radio programmes and takes a very active part in orally passing down local history and folklore with all those who visit the farm. We often think of Paul as a Suffolk Griot - a true story teller.

Do take the time to soak up the wonderful environment, have a chat with Farmer Paul (who will always enjoy a good natter with anyone!), or take a walk along some of the many footpaths that adjoin the land. There is magic in those there fields...

Camping Facilities

The 8 acre field for our camp is well used to staging events and has a 4 unit shower trailor and a number of compost loos that come with the site. There are a number of water points with sinks around the perimiter. We will bring in extra loos, including provision for those with disabilities or mobility concerns.

Whilst we have power on site to run our evening environment and bars, we unfortunately cannot offer electric hook-ups for live-in vehicles or caravans. You will need to run off your own batteries if you need power.

The site has good 4G connection for mobiles and we will have a mobile phone charging point located in our information tent. There will be a small charge of 50p per charge-up for this facility.

If you choose to self-cater, please use barbeques and camping stoves for cooking that are off the ground. We cannot allow open fires in the camping areas, but we will have one communal large fire pit which we will light up each evening.

Noise Curfews:

In accordance with the Farmers wishes, we will have a noise curfew at 12.00 midnight on Thursday and Sunday evening and a 1.00am curfew on Friday and Saturday nights. This will include drumming and powered sounds.

Staying Off-Site:

You of course have the option to stay in local accommodation and travel in daily if you don't fancy camping. To find local accommodation options click here

If you have any further questions, then use the contact us page on this website and we will be happy to answer any queries.