Children and Families


Explore, Create & Make! - Children's and Family workshops at Music Worldwide Summer Camp

There’s no end to the fun children can have over the weekend, from learning circus skills to music making, to nature crafting, creating artworks and décor from recycled and upcycled materials. Scroll down to find out more!


Samantha Everitt – Storytelling and African Drumming (Mornings)

These sessions are ideal for children who love animals, music and magical adventures.

Samantha will tell more than just a story; she creates an immersive experience with the children that celebrates nature, the power of music and the joy in finding one’s own unique beat.

Journeying into the African jungle, children interact with the stories to imagine animals, insects or birds and make a sound on the drum like their chosen creature. We all know that Elephants will most likely make big loud sounds on drums, but spiders on the other hand make very delicate sounds…

Drumming, listening and interacting with a different captivating story each day, Samantha will enable children’s imaginations to soar, at the same time developing a sense of rhythm and learning how to play high and low notes to create different sounds on their drums.


Make Do – Craft and creative art workshops (Morning and Afternoons)

Led by Blue King and her team, children will link with our Storytelling and drumming workshop content and make wind socks, pendants and tabards on recycled materials which they can decorate with flora, fauna, birds, insects and the animals they see around the farm.

Children will be able to participate in the Sunday procession and bring their creations. All materials provided and come from sustainable or recycled sources. There will be accompanied ‘explore the farm’ walkabouts observing and looking for wildlife and nature to inspire creative work back at the tent. There’s no end to the fun the children can have when engaging with the natural world around them.

Nature crafting for kids – go out, explore, collect, and make!


Foolhardy Folk- Circus skills and show (Afternoons)

Afternoon circus skills workshops with a Foolhardy Folk circus show on Saturday afternoon at 4pm.

Both instructive and enjoyable, Circus Skills Workshops are a fun way for children to spend an afternoon at the Camp. Playing with traditional circus props (juggling, diabolo, tightrope, devil sticks, unicycle, balance poles, Pedal-Go's, Fun Wheels, and plate spinning), in a relaxed semi-formal workshop structure.

The workshops are taught by professional circus artistes from the Foolhardy Circus. The children get real, hands-on tuition from people who have spent over 20 years teaching and performing.

The Foolhardy Folk will be out and about during the camp with ‘street’ performances and comic goings-on. They will also be presenting an open air show on Saturday afternoon for all ages to enjoy.


Pedro Espi-Sanchis- One note pipe workshop and storytelling (Afternoons)

Pedro is a renowned storyteller and musician; he uses stories to introduce African instruments such as the ‘singing bow’ or berimbau and flutes made from natural material such as kelp.

Children will learn how to play simple one note pipe and flute sounding instruments made from recycled materials such as plastic piping cut to precise lengths to create different musical notes.

With everyone given their own pipe, Pedro will show how they are made and played. Children will learn how to play classic songs in a very short space of time, such as the South African song, Mbube, known internationally as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

General information for Parents & Guardians - The basics

Upon arrival at the event, all under 16s will be given a wristband. The parent or guardian must write a mobile number clearly on the child or young persons wristband so we can contact them easily, should a need arise.

Uaccompanied access for 8 to 16 year olds to the above workshops will only be permitted, if the child or young person has their wristband on with the contact mobile number clearly written and visable.

Under 8s. We do not offer a creche at the camp. Please dont leave a young child or toddler at a children's workshop and then disappear off to a workshop yourself. We would expect that under 8s are accompanied by a parent or guardian when attending any of the above workshops.

All materials and instruments for workshops are provided. The Make Do craft tent will use water based paints to create decor and art. We cannot accept responsibility for your child's clothing getting covered in paint!

Children's safeguarding is very important to us. All our workshop providers are professional artists that work regularly in schools and other teaching environments where children and young persons are present. All have enhanced DBS certificates and operate under Music Worldwide's Safeguarding procedures and policy.

Thank you for your attention on this.