We will have a wide range of artisan, manufacturers and designers selling everything from drums and instruments, clothing, bespoke artisan gifts and trinkets and beautiful jewellery. Scroll down to see our traders at this year's camp.

We will add our 2024 traders as they are booked in. Scroll down below to see who is coming in 2024.



Wooden Roots has the finest quality, traditional West African drums and is a one stop shop for all your West African drumming needs. With a huge variety of hand carved, pre-built pieces from Guinea & Mali, they also provide bespoke drum building & customisations, building supplies & repairs.

They will have a large selection of drums (djembe & dunun) at the Summer Camp alongside djembe shells, accessories & apparel. There will be some building supplies available eg. skins, rope etc. and items can always be pre-ordered and shipped to you if not in stock. Payment plans are available and they also take cash & all major credit cards.



Lalita and her playmates work up the dreamiest designs with tailors in Rajasthan India to bring you a series of one off wonders, each for a different scene of play. Blending her mixed heritage into each contemporary design. She seeks antique recycled sari fabrics as her treasure and champions the revival of traditional hand crafted textile printing techniques known as Block Print.

She creates shape for contemporary audiences whilst honouring tradition and craft. Her mission is to inspire more kindness, community and sustainability into the hands of all who cross her path. Lalita is an emerging independent designer and curators of slow fashion. Spreading fresh, vibrant colour palettes, hypnotic pattern and 100% positive vibes across the globe.



In a unique setting of it's own, 'The Middle East Camp' will be a must to explore.

Arabic and Middle East percussion tutor Chas Whitaker, along with Michelle Pender will be setting up shop, where you can browse through a range of exotic Arabic dance clothing, accessories and apparell, to selecting one of Chas's finest Darabuka's, Daff, Zills, or other Arabic instruments on sale.

The Middle East Camp will also become a venue to listen to expert musicians playing percussion, flutes and Oud. Look up the timetable for their dance, percussion and music workshops over the weekend.



Afrocentric805 is a smart casuals brand. They are inspired by everything bold, bright and beautiful hence they use the gorgeous African Prints in everything they make. They love to share their pieces with everyone from all walks of life and last year we even launched a pet fashion collection.

They are always diversifying their range, creating new pieces for lovely customers. They love to take their wares all over the UK including London, Essex, Suffolk and Norwich.From dresses, skirts, mens shorts to T- shirts and hair accessories they make them all!. Pretty much something for the whole family.



Fany Bah will connect with you through one-to-one intuitive massage in her Tipi Tent as well as sound therapy using didgeridoo, shamanic drum, native American flute, hangpan, voice and percussion. She will have a range of items in her stall including digeridoos, jewellery and other crafts and designs.

Catch Fany also in her traditional Bulgarian dance workshops over the weekend.



Ben Lawrence has run his Ghana Goods stall for as long as we can remember. Here you will find a massive range of tradtional Ghanaian drums, shakers, bells, talking drums and of course Xylophones, which come in all sizes.

In addition Ghana Goods sell a number of handmade artisan products such as baskets, hats and other trinkets and goodies. Ben will be running Xylophone workshops over the weekend too - a must to attend.



Bod Drums are designers and makers of metal percussion instruments which perform beyond the boundaries of their traditional counterparts and beyond traditionally defined music genres… with a vocabulary of tones from deep, soft and mellow, to bright and crisp, full of attack and varied expression.

BOD first explored the possibility of combining a spun aluminium drum shell with a synthetic head because we wanted a bodhrán that would hold its tune regardless of the weather. What they discovered was a whole new sound world – the BODdrum looks and can be played like a traditional bodhrán, but offers a much broader vocabulary of tones from deep, soft and mellow, to bright and crisp, full of attack and varied expression. Many musicians now keep their BODdrums alongside their traditional bodhráns as one more musical alternative in their line up. For those who are attracted to the bodhrán but prefer not to play on an animal hide, the BODdrum is an ideal solution.

Bod Drums creator John Blackwell will also be running an introductory workshop to the rhythms, jigs and reels played on the Bodhran.



Malika's Shop has brought tradtional artisan products to UK public for over three decades. A regular at all the best cultural festivals Malika's dazzling range of Fair Trade items include; Ali Baba Baskets, Tin ornaments and Toys, beads and jewellery, Mali cloth designs and throws, basketware, rainsticks and shakers and much more.

Something in her shop for everyone's budget, so do take time to browse around and snap up a unique item from Mali, Senegal and beyond.



Amazing handcrafted and bespoke jewellery is amongst many items you will find at the Baobab Boutique. Led by top Silversmith Rosie Colvin, three very talented craftspeople will be joining forces to display their bespoke crafts and wares.

If you are looking for something that little bit extra special, then you will probably find it at this stall. Silverware items are crafted with natural resources such as fossils, pebbles and seaglass. There are also ranges of jewellery made using cowrie shells, stones and textures.

Mehndi by Nadia


Treat yourself to some eceptionally amazing henna designs by Nadia .

Henna, the Persian name for Lawsonia inermis, is a flowering desert shrub native to Asia and the Mediterranean coast of Africa. Twice a year the henna leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a fine powder. For more than 9,000 years henna has been used to dye hair, leather and textiles red and for the art of mehndi.



Visiting this emporium is like stepping into a museum or some amazing brick-brack shop - but with a difference. Run by veteran Kit drummer and avid percussion collector, Les Chappell, you will find all manner of percussion from Ghanaian ceremonial drums, to bongos, shakers and clay pot drums. Amongst all of this there are beautiful carvings, ornamental objects and furniture. Well worth an explore!